Everything You Need to Know About the Basics of Numerology

Numbers have always played an important role in deciphering the future of a person. From time and again, numbers have been used for over 10,000 years as a concrete structure of measurement. Numbers have been used to predict the future by almost all types of society and nations. Numbers aid in providing you a deeper understanding of the universe and the world around them.

The ancient science revolved around the numbers that applied to the personal mechanisms for personal growth. A person’s name and birth date have a significant effect on the traits, talents, weaknesses and emotional behaviors. The number that corresponds to the vibration of the person, lets you unfold the qualities and energies that make the person who they are.

Get to know about yourself through numerology

Numerology or the act of reading numbers is a study that predicts about the future, yourself and what type of personality you hold with your date of birth, your name, and your marital status. Numerology includes the study of the Pythagoras theorem for entailing you about the basics about your life and to make you more aware of what you are as a person.

Numerology is more about making you more self-aware about your strengths and weaknesses and what traits can help you to lead a successful life ahead.

The three most aspects of your life predicted by numerology

There are three most important things when talking about a numerology reading, life path, the expression number or the destiny number or the soul urge number or the heart’s desire number.

Life Path:

The life path of a person is calculated with the help of the Date of Birth of the person and it demonstrates the path that the person will take in the future. It also entails about what the future holds for that person and how well can you survive through the hardships that will be faced by you.

The Expression Number:

The expression number of the person is calculated with the help of the full name at the time of the birth. The expression number entails you about what type of person you are and what kind of business are you known for. Also called as the destiny number, it simply includes the details of what does the future looks like and what your destiny has in the pocket for you.

The Soul urge number:

The soul urge number speaks about what your souls need and what it is looking for in people. it talks about the type of companions you will have in the future and what type of people excite you the most. Also called the heart’s desire number, it tells about what his heart is looking for be it the professional front, your personal life or for your future. It tells you about the type of person that you will marry and when is the most appropriate time you are going to find him. If you are already married, then it tells you about your life as a couple and the type of spark and aura that person will create in your life. It also talks about the impact different people will have on your life and what type of people should you indulge with.

Talk with Manisha for a personalized reading about yourself

Many people like to know more about themselves and they look for a good numerologist that can help you with a good personalized report. Manisha is regarded to be one of the best numerologists in Delhi owing to the years of experience she has and the number of good testimonials she has received from her clients. If you need relatable numerology reading about yourself, then she is someone you should talk to.

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